Attorney Spotlight: New York

Stacy D. Phillips ●

This edition of Attorney Spotlight highlights one of my honored New York City colleagues in Blank Rome’s Matrimonial & Family Law group—Lois Liberman.

Lois J. Liberman

A graduate of Wellesley College and the University of Buffalo Law School, Lois boasts more than 30 years of experience in family law, and that experience is proven through the incredible work she does for her clients. Lois is an absolutely exceptional attorney, with a personality that displays a brilliant and empathetic nature, along with an exceedingly practical approach that supports her clients within each individual situation they are facing. 

Lois began working in family law fairly early in her career and has always found herself to be the type of person that anyone could tell their full life story, and Lois would be there to listen. The practice of family law comes naturally to her and the qualities of Lois’ character shine through her legal practice. 

When dealing with the emotional aspect of her practice, as well as the conflicting emotions of her clients, Lois reminds herself that she is an attorney and not a therapist. However, the practical and efficient nature of her work acumen is complemented well with her empathetic nature. Lois is an attorney who guides her clients to focus on the most important aspects of their lives, whether that be their children, job, friends, etc. This empathetic aspect of her personality encourages Lois’ clients to open up to her, allowing Lois to get the full story and ultimately ensure an exceptionally strong bond of trust with her clients, which any lawyer will know is indispensable within any legal matter. 

If a client is apprehensive about losing loved ones or friends as a consequence of divorce, Lois remains committed to helping her clients holistically. If clients are feeling apprehensive, or perhaps overly emotional, Lois reminds them that all will unfold naturally with time. She often reminds clients that some people will remain in their life after a major change, and others may leave or drift away in fear or insecurity. She enforces the mindset that in time, one will know who their unwavering supporters are and once they are recognized, it is important to lean on them for support.

Helping clients position themselves for a fabulous life after divorce is as important to Lois as helping her clients achieve successful outcomes. To facilitate a vision of future possibilities, Lois founded a virtual salon called Look Ahead by Lois Liberman, which addresses a multitude of common yet complex issues that many married, separated, divorcing, and divorced people face. During the Salon, Lois conducts fascinating conversations with experts from a wide variety of disciplines which allows participants to understand not only the legal components of divorce but other, interconnected issues that impact their lives. Importantly, all salons conclude with specific strategies and ideas that can be implemented immediately to propel one towards a happy future.

Outside of her work, Lois enjoys spending time with family, exercising, reading, and the occasional binge-watching of television shows. Even the best lawyers can find pleasure and relaxation in life’s simple pleasures.