Attorney Spotlight: New York—Norman Heller

Stacy D. Phillips ●

This edition of Attorney Spotlight highlights one of my revered New York City colleagues in Blank Rome’s Matrimonial & Family Law group, Norman Heller.

Norman S. Heller

A graduate of Haverford College and Boston University School of Law, Norm has been practicing law for over 40 years and does incredible work for his clients. Before entering the world of matrimonial law, Norm worked as an appellate attorney and later a trial lawyer in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, handling various felony cases and matters while making a name for himself in the profession. Norm then began to practice matrimonial law, where he found himself representing clients in complex divorce, custody, and equitable distribution matters in the states of both New York and Connecticut.

As a lawyer, Norm is and always has been the consummate professional. No matter the situation or client he is working with, Norm is the pinnacle of how a lawyer should conduct him or herself. Norm treats his clients and fellow lawyers with respect, always exuding confidence, and maintains his reputation for fairness with a good nature, even in the heat of a difficult legal battle.

Norm’s clients, as all of our clients in the Matrimonial & Family Law Practice, are often going through one of the worst times of their lives. Yet, when working with Norm, those clients will not only receive the best legal service they can get, but will also be represented by the most balanced and dependable lawyer they could ask for. Norm’s integrity consistently remains the pillar of how he practices law. He knows how to get his clients through difficult times and guide them to a favorable resolution.

Like any lawyer handling divorce cases, Norm regularly finds himself assisting clients who are going through an emotional experience along with their legal experience. Emotions run high, anger is prevalent, and fears are rampant. Emotions can easily overwhelm any divorce situation. However, Norm always remains steadfast and focused on providing his clients with advice that is in their best interests. Emotions do not rule his cases, Norm’s skill as a lawyer does.

If a divorce case becomes heated or difficult, Norm will remain confident, even when going to trial. Norm has tried cases his entire professional life, bringing a distinct advantage to any case. More often than not, Norm will succeed, and thus, the clients fortunate enough to have him represent them will succeed as well. Norm is the definition of confident, charismatic, and dependable, conquering every challenge he faces. He will always stand up to injustice and provide exceptional service to the clients he represents.

Outside of work, Norm enjoys spending time with family and exercising. He also enjoys visiting museums, attending concerts, and travelling. It has been and remains my pleasure to work with and know such an honorable lawyer and family man.